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The primary purpose of our MCJROTC Program is to prepares high school students for responsible leadership roles while making them aware of their rights, responsibilities, and privileges as American citizens. In order to be a good leader, one must first learn to be a good follower. As a cadet gains experience and knowledge, he or she will be given active, hands-on leadership responsibilities with the MCJROTC Program

It is our belief that personal growth is gained through adversity and we will do our best to make this a very challenging and rewarding program. Each cadet will be taught the follow skills.

  • Develop Leadership Skills
  • Good Citizenship
  • Military History
  • Physical Fitness
  • Marksmanship
  • Map Reading
  • Land Navigation
  • Teamwork
  • Self-Discipline
  • Drill

  • Marine Corps Core Values

    By understanding the Marine Corps core values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment, you will understand how these ideals help MCJROTC cadets become better citizens.

    Honor is the quality that guides Marines to exemplify ethical and moral behavior.

    Courage is a mental quality that recognizes fear of danger or criticism, but enables a leader to proceed in the face of it with calmness and firmness. It is a quality of mind that gives leaders control over fear, enabling them to accept responsibility and to act properly in a threatening situation.

    Commitment means the dedication to carry out all unit tasks and to serve the values of the country, the MCJROTC, and the unit. Commitment leads to the highest discipline for your unit and yourself.

    In addition to these ideals, your values must also be applied to other areas. These might be ideas such as punctuality, truthfulness, and fidelity. You must also value the outer signs of these ideals, such as having good personal hygiene and a spotless uniform. Last, but by no means least important, you must apply your values to friends, family, and fellow cadets.



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